QMP1090™ is the time-saving solution to COMPLEX MANUAL handling.

Today, the requirements, control and verification of construction projects in Europe are done by means of complex manual handling. For a steel construction there are over 30 standards that need to be checked – one has 166 normative references alone! – to look for a single sentence or requirement. With QMP1090, all you need to do is enter the prerequisites. The tool then fundel it down and generates a report of the requirements you need to follow to ensure that your project is compliant.

The tool helps users quickly create a complete claim image, generating a report for the construction project and its specific design based on existing laws, regulations and standards. The report tells the user everything they need to know: from what a quality plan should contain, to how the nut in a screw joint is to be pulled.

With QMP1090, a process that used to take a week now takes a day – the efficiency rate is at least 80% – and the quality is significantly better, the project more accurate.

In addition, QMP1090 is available 24 hours a day via a computer or a smartphone, ensuring requirements can be checked anywhere, not just in a binder in an office.

Potential buyers of licenses to QMP1090 range from builders to designers, quality consultants to builders, anyone who wants to streamline their business.